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Made some changes to the script embellishing a plot, but it still needs changes.

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\lstset{language=Python, basicstyle=\ttfamily\bfseries,
commentstyle=\color{red}\itshape, stringstyle=\color{darkgreen},
showstringspaces=false, keywordstyle=\color{blue}\bfseries}

\title{Getting Started -- \texttt{ipython}}




\item invoke the \texttt{ipython} interpreter
\item quit the \texttt{ipython} interpreter
\item navigate in the history of \texttt{ipython}
\item use tab-completion
\item look-up documentation of functions
\item interrupt incomplete or incorrect commands
\frametitle{Question 1}

  Type \texttt{ab} and hit tab to see what happens. Next, just type \texttt{a} and
  hit tab to see what happens.
\frametitle{Solution 1}

  \texttt{ab} tab completes to \texttt{abs} and \texttt{a<tab>} gives us a list of all the
  commands starting with a.
\frametitle{Question 2}

  Look-up the documentation of \texttt{round} and see how to use it.
\frametitle{Solution 2}

\frametitle{Question 3}

  Check the output of
round(2.48, 1)
round(2.48, 2)

round(2.484, 1)
round(2.484, 2)
  Look-up the documentation of \texttt{round} and see how to use it.
\frametitle{Solution 3}

  We get 2.0, 2.5 and 2.48, which are what we expect. 
\frametitle{Question 4}

  Try typing \texttt{round(2.484}, and hit enter. and then cancel the command
  using Ctrl-C. Then, type the command, \texttt{round(2.484, 2)} and resume
  the video.
\frametitle{Solution 4}


round(2.484, 2)

\item invoking and quitting the \texttt{ipython} interpreter
\item navigating the history
\item using tab-completion to work faster
\item looking-up documentation using \texttt{?}
\item sending keyboard interrupts using \texttt{Ctrl-C}
\frametitle{Thank you!}

  This spoken tutorial has been produced by the
  \textcolor{blue}{FOSSEE} team, which is funded by the 
    \textcolor{blue}{National Mission on Education through \\
      Information \& Communication Technology \\ 
      MHRD, Govt. of India}.