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DVDcover unknown unknown 2010-12-06
SEES-hacks unknown unknown 2010-04-14
T-shirt unknown unknown 2011-07-10
Digital Control Examples from Digital Control by Kannan Moudgalya, ported to Python. 2011-05-27
Distributed Systems in Python Distributed System problems and examples converted into Python 2010-01-18
fossee-flier unknown unknown 2010-11-17
hgadmin unknown unknown 2012-01-29
hg admin Scripts for hg server administration 2009-09-24 2009 Django web app for 2009 workflow management 2010-07-13
NMEICT Django web app for National Mission on Education through Informaton and Communication Technology workflow management 2009-09-24
offline unknown unknown 2010-07-06
py_tasks_melange unknown unknown 2009-11-16
pytask unknown unknown 2011-02-05 unknown unknown 2011-01-12
pytask_dev unknown unknown 2010-02-01
sage_days unknown unknown 2010-11-09
Scilab This repository contains the code, scripts and documentation related to Scilab, an open source scientific software package for numerical computations providing a powerful open computing environment for engineering and scientific applications 2010-06-30
Scilab Toolbox Repository of code and documentation of Scilab toolbox developed by the community 2010-07-19 (Obsolete) Webapp Django web app originally written to manage 2009. Now obsolete. 2009-10-21
SciPy Conference A Django app that powers 2012-01-30
simplecomment unknown unknown 2011-01-30
simplecommentold unknown unknown 2010-10-16
Software Replacements Pages for, which suggests FOSS replacements. 2011-05-17
spkt-testapp unknown unknown 2010-07-12
spoken_tut unknown unknown 2009-10-01
st-scripts unknown unknown 2010-12-18
SEES Stands for "Software Engineering for Engineers and Scientists". Course materials, design documents and slides. 2011-02-06
Test repository "A Test repository" 2010-06-24
test_review unknown unknown 2010-03-04
Textbook Projects The Textbook Project aims to port worked out examples and select exercise problems from standard textbooks using an open source software system, such as Scilab. This repository contains the code written in scilab. 2010-06-29
Workshop materials Materials for the standard Python for Scientific computing workshop including slides and cheatsheets 2010-12-14
ws_app unknown unknown 2010-06-29
ws_reg unknown unknown 2010-01-25